• Track: It is regarded to be someplace where the individual had been, one which is often known as ‘breadcrumb trail’. Periodic details in regards to the location are being send by the GPS unit that the software is known to record, simply by taking reading that is based upon set distance, set time interval, direction change by specific angle or combination of all of them. Time and date is used for strong together for every point. Recorded points or line which connects them tends to be displayed as series of the resulting track. For tracking back to source, a simple way to do so would be to retrace the steps.

• Route: For following the set destination, a set route is to be made up for which there a need for presetting series of points is called a route. There are plenty of software which simultaneously allows displaying of tracking as well as the route.

• Waypoint: Specific locations are marked by waypoints. They are used as markers typically, along ‘way’ to somewhere. Users enter it by using keys or just try to avail other sources for downloading them, which entirely depends on the device’s sophistication level. For simplifying route construction, or be re-used, they can be utilized, even though they are not linked to routes or tracks. They enable a specific route that can be taken to deviate hindrances like streams / hazards / cliffs, which otherwise could prevent direct safe passage from one to the other. In short, waypoints can be termed to serve to work as ‘safety’ purpose.

Platforms: Laptop computers having attached GPS receiver can make use of software. Linux, Mac OS X and Windows can be run using this software.
Software products: Navigation software products is found of various types in the market. However, the primary distinction would be if it is to be used in water or on land.