Embedded maps and commercial navigation software includes the following:
• Destinator
• Topo USA and DeLorme Street Atlas
• liveViewGPS
• Rand McNally
• Trips 2009 and Microsoft Streets
• Navman
• Navigon
• Magellan
• NDrive
• iGO
• Zoom Cyprus
• Tom Tom Navigator
• ROUTE 66
• Tom Tom Mobile
• Waze
• Tele Type WorldNavigator

Commercial navigation software having Orthophotos and maps which are downloaded or scanned and stored in computer (stand alone system, independent)
• OziExplorer

Free-Open source Navigation software (stand alone system, independent)
• Navit (Cross Platform) free and open source
• MoNav (Cross Platform) free and open source

Remote server helping to download maps using navigation software include
• Google Maps (which are platform independent)
• Google Earth (Linux, Mac, Windows)
• VZ Navigator (in Smartphone)
• Navit (Cross Platform) free and open source