About marine navigation software

For water also, there are present navigation software having several features which are found to be common with those GPS navigation software used for land. Moreover, raster charts and electronic navigation chart is used by it for providing users with the capability to set waypoint and to have routes planned. It is also stated to have capabilities with regards to GPS tracking. Besides all this, marine navigation software for auto boat navigation has the option for controlling external autopilot. GRIB weather overlay might be incorporated on the chart, while providing related information services as well as Tide predictions with additional usage to mariners.

Marine navigation software of free open source type
• OpenCPN (Cross Platform) free and open source

Navigation software for aeronautical purposes

A modern type of glass cockpit is created usually by this type of software. It also makes use of over a single type of GPS sensor for assisting with navigation. AHRS (Attitude & Heading Reference Systems) along with (IMU) Inertial Measurement Units sensors are termed to be some of the sensors of this type.